What we do today affects what happens tomorrow…

Bagnall UK are a modern business with high moral values. This is the foundation on which our business is built. Our ethics are simple; we will not compromise our commitment to the protection of the environment for any financial gain. We work to robust procedures deriving from our ‘Environmental and Sustainability Policy’ which are certified to the ISO14001 British standard.

We ensure that for all projects undertaken, that we carry out a full assessment of the risk that our works may impose on the surrounding environments.

This is not only to fulfil our legal obligations but also to conduct our operations in a manner to protect both our employees and the environment in which we live and work.

If we do not believe that something is environmentally sound then we will offer alternative processes or procedures to eliminate or reduce environmental impacts.

Our commitment to recycling and to continual improvement in our environmental performance is mirrored in our policies and operational procedures and ultimately in the levels of recycling that we achieve.

Our objective is to recycle all materials where technically feasible, economically viable and environmentally sound. Consideration is always given to ways of minimising the amount of waste generated. We are committed to acknowledging recognised industry best practice and are currently achieving the demolition industries targets of recycling with approximately 98% of demolition waste

Our environmental management system is audited as part of our ongoing membership of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors and in November 2010, we achieved the internationally recognised environmental standard, ISO14001.

As well as recycling, we ensure that we consider the environment in which we are working in terms of other environmental concerns, particularly noise, dust and traffic. All project plans are developed by experienced and fully qualified project managers using current best practice and are produced and agreed with the client to minimise any disruption during works.

We have worked in a wide range of environments, including busy city centres, operational manufacturing facilities, schools and colleges and hospitals and adapt our working methods to suit individual circumstances.